Temples, Shrines and Castles

Gaze in wonder at the royal, religious temples of Japan. Visit the wonderful shrines, which are full of  blessings and worship. In particular, make sure you step into the mind-blowing world of the Toji temple in Kyoto which will teach you more about the culture of the Japanese.It is a Buddhist temple and was built in late 700s; the shape and design of the current temple is the same as the original


A popular flea market is held on the 21st of each month at Toji Temple from the early morning hours until around 16:30 in the afternoon. The lively market is crowded with vendors on the plaza and in the park that surround the paid temple grounds

As well as the temples why not visit the ancient castles which have been there since 1994 and which will teach you about the kings and queens of the old japan such as Nishiki castle.




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  1. emottram

    Fantastic info about castles, I really want to see the ancient buddhist temples because the design looks really oriental and different from what I’m used to!

    Juned and Martin


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